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Modified Surface604 Shred 2019

$2,300.00 $1,550.00

Brand eBikesCalgary

MOTOR - BAFANG High torque  750W) geared hub motor

DRIVE MODE - Torque Sensing Pedal Assist with a Throttle

THROTTLE - Thumb push activated throttle  TORQUE - 90Nm

CONTROLLER - SURFACE604 Designed 12 MOS 48V 500W 25Ah, Smart

BATTERY - Included: 48V 14Ah / 672Wh Samsung lithium-ion 18650 cells

BATTERY - Upgrade option: 48V 20Ah / 960Wh Samsung lithium-ion 21700 cells

BATTERY RANGE 1 - Up to 45mi (72km) with a 48V14Ah battery

BATTERY RANGE 2 - Up to 65mi (105km) with a 48V20Ah battery

BATTERY CHARGE TIME - 6 hours for a full charge from empty


$1550 10Ah

$1850 12Ah

$2050 14Ah

$2200 20Ah