GIO ITALIA ULTRA SCOOTER - 60V20AH -Magnetic Motor 800W - White


Brand T4B


The GIO Italia Ultra, like any vehicle will perform differently under different operating conditions. Factors such as rider weight (tested at 80kg/175lbs), road conditions (terrain, slope, outside temperature), and operating conditions (speed, start/stop, throttle usage, etc) can effect performance either above or below listed specifications for speed and range. Please also note the estimated performance based on scooter battery capacity.

Simple & Speedy - Enjoy the ease of an electric scooter with more power and speed. Travel up to 30mph with this fully DOT approved street legal. Requires license and registration.

Style & Substance - features a modern twist on classic European styling, making for an eye catching ride. Includes great features like built in alarm system, LCD display and charging port for your mobile device.

Sealed Storage - includes a lockable cargo container to keep your items safe and dry. Perfect for your errands, your daily commute or a side hustle delivery job.

Save Green - 100% electric to not only to help reduce your carbon emissions but also save money on gas.

Includes all documentation to get your scooter plated and ready for the road 

Battery Level               Estimated Top Speed

@ 80%             45-48 km/h (28-31 mph)

@ 20%             35 km/h (22 mph)

Batteries should be charged after normal use or immediately when at 20% or below

Features & Specifications

Rated Motor Power    500W (800W peak) Permanent Magnetic LSM

Max Torque     85-90 NM

Battery           60V20AH Lead Acid Battery

Charger           3-5A, 220V

Brakes             Hydraulic Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Tires                3.50-10

Security           Anti-Theft Alarm with Fob

Display            Backlit Black LCD Screen - Imperial Readouts Only (Miles)

Top Speed        30 MPH (50 km/hr)

Range              Up to 40 miles (65 km)

Shocks             Front Double Tube, Rear Double Shock

USB                  Yes

Alarm              Yes

Max Incline Ability      12°

Rider Weight Capacity            330lbs

Dimensions     70"x23"x40"(174x57x100cm)

Seat Height     29"

Weight (w/battery)     195lbs (89kg)