T4B - Folding Mobility 200W 24V6AH ePower 2017 Newly Imported Wheelchair


Brand T4B

 Updated Design folding and compact wheelchair, airplane permitted, light weight of only 45 lbs (20 kg).

 Powerful and durable brushless motor of 200W Plus, provides enough speed to move about safely.

 Max Passenger Weight Capacity 220 lbs (100 kg).

 Electric to Manual switches on both wheels.

Easy to switch, TWO removable 24V6AH Lithium-Ion LG batteries inserted into seat bars, giving you a range of 10 KM per Battery Charge.

 Can Handle Inclines up to 6 degrees. 39-in Braking Distance.

 Easy folding to height of only 16-in, there is no need to detach any cables.

 Collapsible 5.5-in foot rest; moveable, folding arm rests.

 Wheels equipped with high-quality rubber tires to provide better traction; diameter - front 8.5-in, back 7-in, anti-tip 2.25-in (21.6x17.6x5.7cm).

 Latest technology controller, very sensitive, easy to use 4-way joystick with 35.4-in Turning Radius.


 Aluminum Alloy Frame - Durable and Light Weight

Can Go Anywhere a Pedestrian Is Permitted

Free to Take on an Airplane at NO EXTRA CHARGE

Seat cushion and backrest covers are easily detachable for washing

Durable Mesh Seat Cushion - W16.45xL16.5 (42x42cm)

Easily fits into narrow shopping aisles, comes with a Seat Belt

Can Be Claimed on Your Taxes! One Year Parts Warranty!

No need to pay for parking and doesn't require a driver's license

Can be used in designated bike lanes

Product dimensions: L34xW23xH36” (86x58.5x91.5cm)

Package: L32xW25xH15; Weight: 50 pnds