T4B - FAT TRIKE 3-Wheel Cargo Fat Tire 48V15.6Ah

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Brand T4B


Get Noticed with this T4B Lifestyle Fat Trike and Fat 24-inch front and 20-inch back Fat tire which will get you attention when you ride in an urban or off-road environment in various rainy, snowy, mountain conditions.

BAFANG 500W, 48V15.6Ah Front Drive Electric Motor. Perfectly balanced, smooth and powerful the motor operates in virtual silence. Max Speed: 32 km/h. This unique bike has all the qualities of a cargo bike, only it’s electric powered! Super-fast and agile - Looks great and cuts through the air with ease!

Take a trip to the garden/pool/neighbours'/store – no questions asked! Cargo space on this bike is large.

Best way to get around a campground with some firewood or your doggy cage in tow.

Our Carriage Trike is an Electric bike, that’s super quiet, has zero emissions and great for the environment!

This bike has large weight capacity at 200 kg (450lbs)!

You won’t get caught in the dark either, as this trike has a large lamp to light your way!

T4B FAT TRIKE - drives you at speeds up to 32 km/h and gives you a worry-free range of travel of approximately 35 km** per charge. That is more than enough for a complete day of touring. Unlike other electric bikes, which can take up to half a day to charge, the bike is equipped with smart lithium battery charger for a quick 5-6 hours that will give you all the battery power you need for a full charge. Handle bar power indicator will help to see your battery’s depletion level.

The Fat tire can take you on to the beach or gravel road, it ensures that you do not feel all the bumps and imperfection in the road as with regular tire, also will not allow you to sink in sandy conditions.

24-in front and 20-in back wheels are made of aluminum alloy and Kenda anti-slip, wear resistant thick tire, suitable for bumpy terrain or smooth road conditions.

Ride in full throttle (no pedaling required) or use 5-speed Smart Pedal Assist for effortless riding experience.

The bike adopts lightweight yet strong and durable aluminum alloy frame; high carbon MOZO steel suspension fork is adjustable. ABS+ knob rotates to improve suspension fork for a softer or harder ride depending on your surroundings; anti-rust and anti-exposure matte surface coating. A lock key, 5-6 hour quick charge battery.

Handle bar can be adjusted using rotating ZOOM stem in height for upto 5-Inch for tall riders’ comfort. Includes LED front and back light, front and back wheel reflectors, bell. Turn handle throttle. Extra cushy seat for absolute comfort.

Mid frame position of the Lithium-Ion battery results in more balanced riding. It will feel more natural, since all the weight is concentrated in the center.

No license required! Go anywhere where a bike can go!

Carriage Trike Dimensions: L76xW31xH47-inch (193x78.7x119 cm)

Cargo back carriage: L20xW16xH9-inch (50.8x40.6x23 cm)

Premium components:

BAFANG 500W (PEAKS at 750W) Front Drive Electric Brushless Motor

48V15.6Ah Samsung Cells Battery Packet

7-speed Shimano mechanical cassette CS-HG200-8

5-speed Smart Pedal Assist with speed indicator

Mechanical Z.Star adjustable Front/Rear Disk Brakes

Shimano Shifters, Cadence sensor/Turn Throttle

SiS index - one-click shfting

Prowheel Cranks, Wellgo Pedals

Neco Stem, Bell, KMC Chain

LED Headlight and Tail Light

Shimano Claris Derailleur

6061 Aluminum Frame

Adjustable Front Shock

LCD C300S display

Kenda GIGAS front tire 24-in x 4.0

Kenda Krusade Sposts back tires 20-in x 4.0

** Weather, battery charge level, variable conditions depending.

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sumin o.
Canada Canada
너무 좋아요

기다리다가 취소할까 고민했는데.....받고나니 이걸 어떻게 타야하나 고민..... 하지만 자전거타는 사람들에게 물어보니 친절하게 가르쳐주어 이젠 제법 드라이브 잘 합니다 자전거는 처음타는거라 무서웠지만 타다보니 너무 튼튼하고 힘조절만 잘하면 안전하게 탈수 있더군요. 이것은 정말 훌륭합니다. 하지만 뒷바퀴옆 나사를 감싸는 캡이 없어졌습니다. 도로에서 타 보니 차량들 때문에 무섭지만 항상 집중해야함을 잊지 않고 있습니다. 자전거 법칙에 대해서도 공부했습니다 자전거를 전혀 타지 못하는 사람들도 조금만 연습하면 안전하게 탈수 있는 자전거!!! 추천합니다.그리고 난 이것을 스피드 0으로 놓고 패달을 밟아 달리다가 올라갈때만 엑셀레이트를 살짝만 돌려주면 힘들지 않고 잘 나갑니다. 전기자전거라서 스피드를 내는것은 두려워서 12킬로 이하로만 달리며, 조작할때 아직은 조심스럽습니다. 익숙해지면 너무도 좋은 자전거임에 틀림없습니다. I waited and thought about canceling....After receiving it, I was wondering how to ride it..... But when I asked people who ride well, they kindly taught me and now I can drive quite well. It was my first time riding a bicycle, so I was scared, but after riding it, I was able to ride it safely. This is really great. However, the cap covering the screw on the side of the rear wheel is missing. Driving on the road is scary because of the cars, but I always remember to stay focused. I also studied bike rules. Even people who can't ride a bike at all can ride a bike safely with a little practice!!! I recommend it. And if I set this to 0 speed and run while pedaling and turn the accelerator slightly when going up, it goes without difficulty. Because it is an electric bike, I am afraid to speed it up, so I only run less than 12 km. Be careful when handling it. Once you get used to it, it's definitely a great bike.

Canada Canada

It is an excellent trike - very sturdy and high quality. Completely satisfied with its performance. Would have given it five stars, however there were no assembly instructions, or required tools for assembly. Even manual accessed via internet did not include assembly instructions.

N H.
Canada Canada
This trike is a must have!

After my husband got one I just HAD to get one too. built and incredibly practical. We just pop a cooler full of goodies in the back of one....a small barbecue in the other and go off for a day of biking and barbecuing on our trails. OR, throw a few shopping bags in the back for a quick grocery trip. An excellent investment. EbikesCalgary gave us incredible service. I recommend this trike and company to everyone.

Barry T.
Canada Canada

Well made great to ride. It has allowed me mobility that I had lost. Four days after dealer said was shipping, it arrived in New Brunswick

Bryan J.
Canada Canada
TB24 trike

Absolutely love this rig takes a bit to get used to.but like the mobility I have now . Service and shipped extremely well thx