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eBike rider carrying her Surface604 bike

The Ultimate Guide To Buying eBike Parts In Canada

When shopping for an eBike, there are several factors to consider. What type of motor does it have, mid-drive or hub drive? What is its maximum range? Does it have suspension? These, and many other questions, on top of your budget, are some of the key factors in deciding what bike you eventually end up with.

What can you do, however, if the suspension that your bike comes with might not be quite right for you, or the seat may be too thin and uncomfortable on longer rides? The answer is in customizing your eBike with replacement or add-on parts to tune it exactly to how you would like it to feel. These parts range from add-on saddlebag carriers and cargo racks, to full-on front fork and suspension replacements, and everything in between as well.

The biggest value you get out of customizing your eBike is that it becomes yours, in that you fine-tune it to be just right for you. The knock-on effect is that customized eBikes often hold higher resale value, often selling for more than a new stock bike. No matter how you approach it, customizing your bike adds value, and that is the reason that this guide exists, to show you the what, why, and how for the most common parts that riders like you replace or upgrade to make their eBike just that little bit more special.

Person riding Surface604 eBike on dirt trail

Suspension Forks (A.K.A Front Fork Sets)

Due to their nature of being a new, if somewhat limited, form of motorized transportation, most eBikes come with some form of front suspension. However, there are some bikes, even in the mid- to high-end ranges, that are “solid fork” bikes.

No matter what type of front end it has, when you want to replace or add suspension, you are going to be looking for a suspension fork set. Depending on the bike you are buying it for, this can include just the suspension, or the full front fork all the way up to the handlebars. This is why some manufacturers refer to their suspension sets as full “Front fork sets,” such as this WREN 150mm upgradJe set for the Surface 604 Boar Hunter or Boar Explorer, both solid fork bikes meant for serious off-road and pathfinding use.

Surface604 Boar Explorer with replacement suspension

This is probably the biggest modification you can make on your eBike in terms of comfort, especially on uneven terrain. There may be some times when you want a more solid front end, and the added value to many replacement suspension sets is that they come with adjustable lockouts. 

Prices do vary by manufacturer and eBike model, but you can expect to be paying between $400 to $1,000+ for a replacement front suspension set. 

Suspension Seat Posts

Another option when it comes to comfort modifications that many people don’t know about is suspension seat posts. These are exactly what they sound like, replacement posts that instead of being a solid tube of metal with a seat attached to the top, have a suspension spring or damper between the top of the post and the seat. A great example of this is the SR Suntour NCX suspension seat post for Michael Blast eBikes.

Surface604 suspension seat post

What type of suspension is used, how much damping it gives, as well as what eBike it fits varies wildly. Where the value lies with these suspension seat posts is if you do need a solid fork eBike for whatever reason, the seat post is both much less expensive (often between $100 to $250) than a full replacement fork, as well as takes care of most of the bumps and lumps of most urban and some trail riding. 

Extended Range Batteries

Some eBikes come with space for one battery, while others might have an empty slot able to carry a second battery in the frame. For either of those types of bikes, most manufacturers will have extended-range batteries as an option at the time of purchase, or an add-on accessory after you’ve already bought your bike.

These batteries are pretty self-explanatory, as they carry more Watt hours and Amp hours to increase the range your bike can go on throttle or pedal assist. For example, the T4B Victory V-Shape Low Step 500W eBike comes with a 48V 12 Ah battery, giving it a range of 72 KM from the factory. However, if you need to get 100 KM or more from your bike, the T4B has a 48V 15.6 Ah battery that will give you that extra range.

T4B extended range battery

The added benefit to extended-range batteries is that you also get more mileage per charge. Say your ride to work is 20 KM round trip per day, with the extended-range battery for the T4B linked above, that could be 4 to 5 days of riding on one charge. The added benefit of that is that it reduces the power cycles on the battery, extending battery life. 

As with all things eBike, the prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer on their extended-range batteries, but on average, be prepared to spend around $500 on up for one. As an example, the T4B one linked above is $800 on the dot. 


These really depend on what type of eBike you buy, but for 95% of the eBikes out there, you will be able to remove the battery to charge away from the bike. However, with eBike battery fires and incidents making headlines in 2023, there are several very important things to pay attention to when looking for an upgraded charger.

The first and most important thing to check is that the charger is both voltage and current compatible with your battery. The most common battery voltages are 36V, 48V, and 52V, and most batteries can accept up to 3A of charging current. Using the incorrect charger on your battery can at best damage it, and at worst, cause a fire.

eBike charger with label enlarged

It is worth noting that most eBikes come with a 2A charger for that added margin of safety, but if you do want to get a slightly faster charge, many manufacturers offer a 3A charger as a first-party accessory. You can expect to be paying between $100 to $300 for a replacement or upgraded charger.

The next most important thing is to make sure that the connector type is the correct one for your battery. Most batteries will use a single pole connector, but there are those out there with varying connectors, and using an incompatible connector can damage the battery

If you want to make sure you’re getting a good charger, always look to see if it’s UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) or CE (Conformité Européenne) certified. In specific, you want either UL2271, UL 2849, or UL62368-1 certifications if there is no CE label, and if there is a CE label, you want EN 15194:2017. These certifications mean that the charger at the very least has passed all tests for either certification (or both), and has overcurrent and short circuit protection built in.

Cargo & Luggage Racks

By far the most common customization done to an eBike, adding a cargo or luggage rack over the rear wheel is fairly easy to do. The biggest benefit to adding one is the ability to put saddlebags over the rear, or to attach a basket of some type and use your bike for errands if you don’t want to wear, or don’t have a big enough backpack. 

Michael Blast Soda with cargo rack

While there are some universal racks out there, it is far better and safer to use ones made specifically for your eBike by the manufacturer. This means that it will fit perfectly, that it can carry the stated weight when installed correctly, and that it often comes with all the nuts, bolts, and other items needed that are guaranteed to work with your bike. 

A perfect example of this is the cargo racks, both front and rear, for both of the Surface 604 Boar models. As these bikes are extra-fat tire and are meant for heavy-duty off-road use, the cargo racks need to be wide enough, as well as sturdy enough, to carry significant weight up to 50 lbs. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for a cargo rack.

Fender Sets

Often bought and installed alongside cargo racks are fender sets. Many eBikes that are designed to be commuter bikes already have one or both installed, but for many other bikes, they are optional extras. They come in a variety of materials depending on your budget, from rigid plastic to full metal, with the most obvious benefit being that you don’t get water, dirt, mud, or other nasty stuff from the road, path, or trail flung up onto you.

Surface604 ebike with fenders and cargo rack

Either on their own or as part of a combo kit, fenders are very common add-ons to eBikes that don’t have them automatically included. For example, the Michael Blast Soda, a tiny frame bike with fat tires, has a combination cargo rack and front/rear fender set package. You could also get the fenders on their own, but you will often find the combo packs to be the better deal as they have included discounts on all the items within. 

For fenders, depending on the materials and what bike they are for, you can expect to pay between $20 to over $300.

Other Add-Ons

This is where you can really run wild with your customizations. Everything from brighter headlights and tail lights, pannier bags and/or a top locker like you might see on a motorcycle, saddlebags, saddles themselves… The sky really is the limit here.

Surface 604 selle saddle

The most common add-ons are related to comfort, so things like the aforementioned saddles are prime candidates. You might prefer a wider, “Cruiser” style seat, or want to get a narrower seat so you can pedal easier. A very common add-on here is also handlebar extensions, either for the shorter riders to bring the handlebars within reach, or for the big-and-tall riders that find the standard handlebars too narrow. 

Other things that manufacturers offer range from replacement battery covers with graphics to pedal sets to fit your feet and pedaling style better. 

Customizing Your eBike Any Way You Want

The list above represents just a fraction of what you can do when customizing your eBike. There are endless possibilities to really go wild, or you might just want to add a seat suspension post to smooth out a few bumps on your commute to work.

What is important for any and all parts, however, is buying from reputable dealerships and vendors, such as Calgary eBikes. These vendors have close ties with the manufacturers of the eBikes they sell, and often stock a veritable ton of replacement parts, both for in-store and online purchases. The other benefit of using a reputable vendor is that they often have expert staff that can give you advice on the best options for your bike, as well as tips on how to install things correctly if you have any questions or concerns.