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T4B - Electric Buggy Kids Go-Kart 500W


Brand T4B

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Powerful Off-Road Recreational Outdoors GO KART 500W. Rugger reinforced steel frame.

This unique machine is for new or experienced drivers who will use the kart for fun and fast riding in a backyard or local field or paved area/track.

Equipped with several safety features to keep riders in control including 3-point over-the-shoulder harness, throttle restrictor, lower speed setting for younger kids.

T4B Buggy is brilliant and safe fun for your kids! Super easy to use, just get in, buckle up and push the pedal.

Power slides, wheel spins and top speed of 20 kmh is easily achieved. Suitable as a kids off-road buggy. Available gas pedal restriction for younger riders. Rider Load capacity up to 150 lbs (68 kg). Simplistic strong design with strong 500W electric engine, T4B buggy has all you would want in a kids go-kart -5 point harness, padded extra strong rollover mounts, mechanical disk brake, removable netting. Range is 15-20 km, or up to 2 hours of riding. Charge overnight (8H).

Wheels: 14x4.00-6 inch.

Product Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg).

Dimensions: L52xW43.5xH32-inch (132x111x81.3 cm)

Requires some home assembly, needs installation for (wheels, cage, net).